Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos

This is Soilwork's fastest album. Soilwork started a European tour right before this album was released, obviously the tour was to support it. For the first time, they toured the United States with Hypocrisy, Scar Culture, and Killswitch Engage. This was also the first album with their current keyboardist. Although this is not my favorite Soilwork album, it is still pretty astonishing.
The way everything was tuned sounds amazing and fits together perfectly. The guitar is relatively low distortion, but with a very crunchy sound. The bass stands out, but not in a way to where it gets annoying. The drums aren't in the background, they are almost one of the loudest instruments, but again, it's not loud and annoying. My favorite musician in this band would unarguably be Speed. He is the only vocalist I know of that can change almost instantly from a yelling vocal, to singing beautifully. That has always amazed me.
My favorite songs off this record would have to be Follow the Hollow, As We Speak, Mindfields, and Soilwork's Song of the Damned. This is a completely new sound for Soilwork, I am giving this an overall 15/20 and would recommend it to ALL Soilwork fans.