Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone

Two words: Pure Art. The second chapter in the Breaking Benjamin collection and a truly amazing one. As well as being better than Saturate, it has a whole different sound showing the broad range of music this band can play. One thing that interested me about this album is that in the songs, the bass lines were very similar to the guitar notes which showed how skilled Mark is. Soundwise, We Are Not Alone has more of a post-grunge sound with a sharper sounding bass and the lower guitar pickups tuned down. In alot of the songs, the backing guitar worked as the lead like for example in "Sooner or Later" and "Simple Design". The songs that i was most impressed with were "So Cold", "Break My Fall", and Sooner or Later". "So Cold" had an amazing intro that kept building and adding onto itself. "Sooner or Later" was my personal favorite mainly because it kept changing and the complicated guitar riffs blew me away. And the part that really amazed me was the chorus where they brought in the acoustic guitar. Yet again annother set of masterpieces come out of Ben's mind and I don't think he has any plans to slow down.