Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inherit Disease-Procreating An Apocalypse

Inherit Disease hasn't been around for that long. But I have seen them on several occasions. Due to appearing on several tours and shows, they have made themselves well known across the country, especially in California, where they are from.

First off I would like to say that their musicianship is very optimal. Especially their drummer, his skill is amazing, I love how he never misses a beat with the double-kick, and he's creative as well. The next best musician in the group is unarguably the vocalist. He has one of the best inhale growls I've ever heard. The guitarists' technical skills are very good as well, but I would honestly have liked it if the distortion covered a wider range and if the bass was louder for a more powerful sound.

Probably my favorite songs from this album would be "Myasis", "Pleasures of Lunacy", and "Procreating An Apocalypse". "Procreating An Apocalypse" has a very crunchy sound that really always gets the pit moving every time I see them. I would give this album an overall 14/20 and would recommend it to anyone who likes discovering new bands. I can't wait to hear what their next album sounds like.