Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annotations Of An Autopsy-The Reign Of Darkness

I've been listening to Annotations of an Autopsy since day one. I have always considered them one of the best deathcore bands of all time. I bought this album on pre-order, so i got a shirt with it too. Anyways, I still am stricken with complete surprise on how much this band has changed! They have made some major and minor modifications to EVERYTHING in their music! Everything from the style of music to the logo is very different than what they used to be. And I love it.
The change that they made that stands out the most for me is that the vocalist completely changed what he does! Before, he was doing inhales 90% of the time, pig squeals and everything. But now, it's all exhale growls, and a little bit of screaming here and there. One of the things that Steve (lead vocalist) has been known for is for his near perfect inhales, so I'm very surprised that he made the choice to change.
Second, they've completely changed their music style. They have more of a brutal death sound more than a deathcore sound. You can still hear a lot of deathcore bits here and there, but the deathcore sound is topped off with a heavy layer of brutal death metal. Personally, I still consider them deathcore, but with a heavy twist of brutal death. I'm saying that they have a brutal death metal sound for several reasons. First, Steve is doing almost all exhale growls. Second, there are not many breakdowns in their music. Third, they don't alternate speeds as often as they did in The Throne of Infection.
A last remark that I would like to make is, I miss the logo that they used in The Throne of Infection. That logo was one of the best death metal logos of all time. I can't see any reason why they would replace it with a new logo! (let alone that it doesn't look nearly as cool and professional as their previous one)
I would give this an 18 or 19 out of 20. I have yet to see this band in concert, and am looking forward to doing so.