Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 in review: Albums

The best albums of 2014:

10. As the Stars - Woods of Desolation (Depressive Black Metal)

9. Misery - Disentomb (Brutal Death)

8. The Flesh Prevails - Fallujah (Progressive Death)

7. Something Supernatural - Crobot (Hard Rock)

6. Different Shades of Blue - Joe Bonamassa (Blues)

5. The Serpent & the Sphere - Agalloch (Progressive Black)

4. Pale Communion - Opeth (Progressive Metal)

3. The Joy of Motion - Animals as Leaders (Progressive Metal)

2. Shadows of the Dying Sun - Insomnium (Melodic Death)

1. Z2 - Devin Townsend Project (Progressive Metal)

The other best albums of the year in no order:

The Singularity - Scar Symmetry (Melodic Death)

No Peace - Trash Talk (Hardcore Punk)

Inked in Blood - Obituary (Death Metal)

Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible - Relics of Humanity (Brutal Death)

Hornwood Fell - Hornwood Fell (Black Metal)

Massive Cauldron of Chaos - 1349 (Black Metal)

Nedom og Nord - Iskald (Black Metal)

Oathbreaker - Hoth (Black Metal)

Dirges of Elysium - Incantation (Death Metal)

Faen I Helvete - Den Saakalde (Black Metal)

Tibi et Igni - Vader (Death Metal)

Elder Giants - Sun Worship (Black Metal)

Urzeigeist - Raunacht (Black Metal)

Venereal Dawn - Dark Fortress (Black Metal)

Cthulhu - Ceremonial Castings (Progressive Black)

Fimbulwinter - Satanic Warmaster (Black Metal)

Best EPs and Demos of the year in no order:

Abandoned [EP] - Fuck the Facts (Grindcore)

Kulde [EP] - Taake (Black Metal)

Demo 2014 - Numenorean (Black Metal)

WORST albums of the year in no order:

Eternal Enemies - Emmure (Deathcore)

Issues - Issues (Metalcore)

Siren Charms - In Flames (Alternative?)

Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest (Heavy Metal)

Babymetal - Babymetal (Progressive Metal)

Life Through a Window - Structures (Metalcore)

Guilty Pleasure - Attila (Deathcore)

Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency - Epicardiectomy (Brutal Death)

Feeding the Crawling Shadows - Sargeist (Black Metal)

Best/Most memorable songs of the year in no order:

War Eternal - Arch Enemy
Tooth and Claw - Animals as Leaders
Another Year - Animals as Leaders
Morning Hoarfrost - Basarabian Hills
Corduroy - Bones
March of the Poozers - Devin Townsend Project
Silent Militia - Devin Townsend Project
Celtos - Eluveitie
Carved from Stone - Fallujah
Feels like Forever - Of Mice & Men
River - Opeth
Sweet Tea - Polyphia
Where Angels Weep - Vader
Heartache Follows Wherever I Go - Joe Bonamassa
Arise and Purify - Sanctuary
The Devil in I - Slipknot
Well Run Dry - Phat Phunktion
Devil Man - Blues Pills

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 in review: Concerts

I haven't really had it in me to write reviews much this year. And since these reviews are my personal reviews, I'm never going to force myself to write. So I'm not done writing reviews, but I can't say when I'll ever write one again. Here is a list of MOST of the concerts I went to this year
(Not pictured: Nile, Northwest Deathfest, Sanctuary)