Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 in review: Albums

The best albums of 2014:

10. As the Stars - Woods of Desolation (Depressive Black Metal)

9. Misery - Disentomb (Brutal Death)

8. The Flesh Prevails - Fallujah (Progressive Death)

7. Something Supernatural - Crobot (Hard Rock)

6. Different Shades of Blue - Joe Bonamassa (Blues)

5. The Serpent & the Sphere - Agalloch (Progressive Black)

4. Pale Communion - Opeth (Progressive Metal)

3. The Joy of Motion - Animals as Leaders (Progressive Metal)

2. Shadows of the Dying Sun - Insomnium (Melodic Death)

1. Z2 - Devin Townsend Project (Progressive Metal)

The other best albums of the year in no order:

The Singularity - Scar Symmetry (Melodic Death)

No Peace - Trash Talk (Hardcore Punk)

Inked in Blood - Obituary (Death Metal)

Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible - Relics of Humanity (Brutal Death)

Hornwood Fell - Hornwood Fell (Black Metal)

Massive Cauldron of Chaos - 1349 (Black Metal)

Nedom og Nord - Iskald (Black Metal)

Oathbreaker - Hoth (Black Metal)

Dirges of Elysium - Incantation (Death Metal)

Faen I Helvete - Den Saakalde (Black Metal)

Tibi et Igni - Vader (Death Metal)

Elder Giants - Sun Worship (Black Metal)

Urzeigeist - Raunacht (Black Metal)

Venereal Dawn - Dark Fortress (Black Metal)

Cthulhu - Ceremonial Castings (Progressive Black)

Fimbulwinter - Satanic Warmaster (Black Metal)

Best EPs and Demos of the year in no order:

Abandoned [EP] - Fuck the Facts (Grindcore)

Kulde [EP] - Taake (Black Metal)

Demo 2014 - Numenorean (Black Metal)

WORST albums of the year in no order:

Eternal Enemies - Emmure (Deathcore)

Issues - Issues (Metalcore)

Siren Charms - In Flames (Alternative?)

Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest (Heavy Metal)

Babymetal - Babymetal (Progressive Metal)

Life Through a Window - Structures (Metalcore)

Guilty Pleasure - Attila (Deathcore)

Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency - Epicardiectomy (Brutal Death)

Feeding the Crawling Shadows - Sargeist (Black Metal)

Best/Most memorable songs of the year in no order:

War Eternal - Arch Enemy
Tooth and Claw - Animals as Leaders
Another Year - Animals as Leaders
Morning Hoarfrost - Basarabian Hills
Corduroy - Bones
March of the Poozers - Devin Townsend Project
Silent Militia - Devin Townsend Project
Celtos - Eluveitie
Carved from Stone - Fallujah
Feels like Forever - Of Mice & Men
River - Opeth
Sweet Tea - Polyphia
Where Angels Weep - Vader
Heartache Follows Wherever I Go - Joe Bonamassa
Arise and Purify - Sanctuary
The Devil in I - Slipknot
Well Run Dry - Phat Phunktion
Devil Man - Blues Pills