Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony

Not quite as good as Phobia but still friggen amazing. I bought this on pre-order so I got it a day before its release. This album has a completely new sound that sounds amazing. It doesn't have much of the really angry and aggressive sound that Phobia and Saturate had. But it doesn't bring back signs of We Are Not Alone either. It sort of has somewhat of a more melodic sound to it, and also the drumming sounds a bit more creative. Benjamin Burnley took a lot more time in writing these songs and choosing which ones to put on the album. Also, most of the lyrics have powerful messages, for example, Dear Agony, Fade Away, Crawl, and Without You have very deep thought in the words. My favorite songs are I Will Not Bow, Without You, or Dear Agony. Without you has a very deep message about being in a relationship with someone close to you and has very beautiful singing. OH and in the other past Breaking Benjamin albums, Ben had a huge lung infection and this is the first album with him not having that infection, and his singing sounds phenomenal compared to the other albums. I would give this a 5/5 and highly recommend this to all benheads