Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking Benjamin-Saturate

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania band Breaking Benjamin signs on to major record label Hollywood Records to release a masterpiece that still today amazes many. Everything about it is perfect from the cover art to the lyrics to the music itself. Its impossible to skip through the songs and fully enjoy it. Its like you're cheating on yourself if you dont listen to each song. Starting with "Wish I May", the first chourds leap out of the speakers and surround you. "Polyamorous" starting with the trembeloed guitar, the music doesnt stop changing throughout the whole song. "Skin" having several different creative guitar riffs throughout the song make it sound somewhat led zeppelinish. At first, I didn't care much for "Sugarcoat" untill I actually listened to the whole entire thing. The screamed vocals during the chorus melted my face off and truly amazed me. And ending with my absolute favorite song, "Shallow Bay". This song has two sides: the first is an angry sound with a powerful message and then, it turnes around completely. with the acoustic guitars and the melodic strings backing it, it adds up to a really pretty sound. I have no doubt what so ever that this band is going to be huge.