Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Augury-Fragmentary Evidence

This band has taken extreme music to a completely new level. Augury is one of the best progressive death bands ever. Not only are they signed on to a record label that only accepts the best of the best (Nuclear Blast); they also have one of my favorite bassists. I got temporarily addicted to this album; I listened to it over and over for about a week and a half. Canada has produced only a few good metal bands, and Augury is one of them.

The giant explosion on the first song is amazing, you can tell right then that their sound is going to be powerful. In most death metal albums, the emotion is primarily uncontrollable anger and violence. But Augury gives you a relaxed feeling at some points. This music filled me completely with multiple emotions, it was amazing.

Their bassist is one of the best in the entire metal genre. He plays a fretless bass (as I do as well). In songs such as “Orphans of Living” and “Simian Cattle”, he takes his bass parts past the limits of complexity and creativity. I have heard from others that when he plays live, he plays each song completely different than the studio versions.

My favorite song from the album is “Brimstone Landscapes”. I absolutely love the song from the first to the last seconds. The beginning reminds me of the rocky, icy parts of Mount Rainier. It’s awesome! Towards the end, there is a small twist of something completely different with the female guest vocalists. Fragmentary Evidence is clearly and unarguably a milestone in the metal genre.