Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking Benjamin-Phobia

This is the most powerful and amazing release that Breaking Benjamin has come out with. Especially with the songs "The Diary Of Jane" and "Breath" both reaching #1 on the modern rock charts, this album proves to be their best yet. Out of all of Breaking Benjamin's albums, this is my personal favorite. It has a more angry and powerful sound compared to their other releases. Unlike We Are Not Alone with a more post-grunge sound with more screaming and higher pitched bass, Phobia has a more powerful and deep sound. Some of the sound is brought back from Saturate with some of the certain kinds and amounts of distortion used on the guitars. In Phobia, Ben Burnley put more time and creativity into his work. Like for example, the epic sounding intro of "Until The End" shows that he has been putting more into his songwriting. He also chose to use a fair amount of acoustic guitars like in "Here We Are" and "You". Probably the most interesting and unique song off this album would be "You Fight Me" with various computer generated effects. Especially in the intro with the synthesized drums and pianos. Phobia is without a doubt, the most amazing album to come out of Breaking Benjamin.