Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obituary-Xecutioner's Return

I think that this is Obituary's best album, even better than their new smash hit, Darkest Day. This band is unique in many ways and has expressed their musicality in ways that no other band of their genre has before. Plus, they have been around since the late 1980's, and have proved to be a successful and long-lasting death metal group.
One of their most unique properties is the sound of the vocals, Tardy has this high-pitched growl that sounds like it's being forced out, but also sounds like he is completely relaxed. I have never heard any vocalists that could even come close to this sound of growl.
The sound of the guitars and bass sound very tight and a nice, clean distortion in this album. When i hear distorted guitars, I like it best when I can turn up the volume very loud, and have the guitars not hurt my ears. The bass also sound almost perfectly in-tune with the guitar, which is something you don't find often in metal.
My favorite songs from this album are....basically the faster songs, "Lasting Presence", "Evil Ways", "Lies", and "Drop Dead". I'd give this a 16/20.