Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon-Suicide Season

This album is completely different from Count Your Blessings. That is good and bad. The good thing is is that it shows that they have a broad range of music that they can play. The bad thing is is that I miss their old stuff. First of all, the difference that stood out the most to me is that there is less screaming compared to Count Your Blessings. Oliver does more of this yelling sort of thing that actually sounds pretty cool, as well as his trademark scream. Also another thing that they added is there's somewhat of an electronic sound in some of the songs like certain parts of "Chelsea Smile" and "Suicide Season". These two things give it more of a metalcore sound rather than their typical deathcore sound. I also think that they were more focused on the music of this album than Count Your Blessings mainly because they were tighter and more together along with using better equipment and choosing better sounding distortions on the guitars. I'm more impressed with Suicide Season because there is nothing else that I've heard that sounds even close to this. Because with Count Your Blessings, I could pick out other records that sounded like it. For some examples: Nocturnal by The Black Dahila Murder, The Truth by Bleeding Through, and Ills of Modern Man are similar to it. Only "Football Season is Over" reminded me of something and that is "This is Exile" by Whitechapel. Over all, i give this album a 9/10. I can't wait for Bring Me the Horizon's new release.