Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is true metal the way it should be. Max Cavalera has once again created an astonishing masterpiece. I got stuck listening to this album for about a week and a half straight. The seven figures in the album art (on the standard edition three figures are on the cover, and four are on the back) are meant to represent that this is Soulfly's seventh studio album. Each of the seven figures, inspired by the Star Wars creatures the Tusken Raiders, were also meant to represent each of the seven deadly sins from what they hold in their hands.

This is where the members of Soulfly really show their full technical skills. All of the riffs and solos are amazing and delectable. The smooth sounding guitar distortions amaze me and give me a very relaxed feeling. The drummer never goes overboard on the double-kicks, but I still feel that he is capable of doing more with his set. Some of the songs have a soft, moving progressive rock sound, like Soulfly VII.

My favorite songs off the album are Mega-Doom and Lethal Injection; mainly for their complex beats and drum patterns. Bloodbath & Beyond is repetitive and towards the end it gets kind of boring, but it̢۪s still an enjoyable song, but not my favorite. Most of the other songs are very extreme, as well as experimental and progressive. Kingdom is one of the more extreme songs, but it also has a very melodic background guitar which surprised me because it doesn̢۪t seem like they would fit if you heard the parts separately, but they fit together perfectly. I am extremely delighted with this album. This gets a 19/20.