Saturday, July 10, 2010

Soilwork-The Panic Broadcast

I am truly amazed at what these guys have done. It would seem as if they couldn’t possibly come up with any more new ideas; that they have used up all of their good ideas, but NO! They proved us wrong! This is a must-buy. I was so stunned by this album that I couldn’t even move to get up to replay the album. This album really introduces sounds from other genres suck as blues rock, alternative metal, and metalcore. This record also has more of a polished production quality; they spent more time on making the sound quality sound nicer.

This album marks the return of the long-time Soilwork guitarist and founder Peter Wichers, who also produced the album. They claimed that they wanted to take more of a technical approach to the album, but still keeping the catchy choruses in the songs, have more guitar solos, and have some more space for drumming. The Panic Broadcast really is where the musicians play at their absolute best performance level. The band thought that the other albums have been lacking the technicality and complexity. Wichers also stated that this album will have more blues elements than the other albums and even said that one of the riffs off The Thrill was inspired by a bluegrass riff.

Every single song on The Panic Broadcast is amazing. The album starts with a strongly blues influenced, melodic song called Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter. My favorite songs off of The Panic Broadcast would have to be The Akuma Afterglow, The Thrill, and Let this River Flow. I will never forget this album.