Sunday, July 11, 2010

Intestinal Strangulation-Pathological Brutalistic Fermentation

Intestinal Strangulation is a brutal death trio hailing from Whittier, California. I’ve seen them once and their music is a treat to the ears. They have brutal music right along with brutal lyrics. Anyone who loves the really brutal bands, this is just the band for them to sink their teeth into.

Their theme is gore, and the lyrics and music fit it perfectly. An interesting thing about them is that both the guitarist and the bassist do vocals. One of them does a deep inhale growl, and the other does exhale screams. The drummer is very good; he’s my favorite out of the three. He has a medium to large size set, and he uses it with creativity and precision. The overall quality of the recording is lovely considering they are a practically unknown band.

Some of the songs off of the record that I like are Homicidal Artistry, mainly for the very delectable drum solo at the end of the song. Thrones of Abysmal Torment really shows a lot of technicality and talent through the musicians. Leather face has an interesting twist of thrash metal that sounds great. My favorite song by this band is Postmortal Prostitution. This band is for anyone who loves traditional brutal music and gore. 17/20.