Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Demonical is an extremely unknown Swedish death metal band. I discovered this band via internet and loved what I heard. They show great creativity and talent that is simply laid out. None of the songs on this album sound the same, none of them are boring or repetitive, and some of their members have been in other successful metal bands. As unknown as they are, they have been quite successful in their home country of Sweden.

First off, for an extremely underground band, the recording quality is amazing! The guitar distortion is my favorite part of the album. It sounds similar to Soulskinner by Fleshcrawl, but better and broader. The vocalist is one of the best I’ve heard in quite awhile, I can tell easily that he growls the correct way. The song speeds vary greatly. Quite a few of the songs start out slow, and then speed up. Some of them are fast and brutal all the way through.

The beginning of Bloodridden sounds a lot like Black Sabbath’s title song. World Serpent has some of the best guitar work off the album. Infernal Void has a traditional death metal sound with some technical creativity in the bass and drums. Death Metal Darkness is my favorite song off of the album. It has an all original traditional death metal sound that can’t get any purer. This album is fast and brutal and will mow you down if you’re not careful. This deserves an 17/20.