Saturday, December 10, 2011

Waking the Cadaver - Beyond Cops. Beyond God.

Waking the Cadaver released their debut disaster in 2007. Although there was a good amount of people that fell in love with them, it is considered by most to be one of the worst albums in history, right along with Lulu, St. Anger, and A Thousand Suns. A very accurate description of the album is in a review written on this site (not by me). So then Waking the Cadaver toured almost constantly for the next two years, desperate to try to prove to the world that they are worthy and they are not shit. Well I will tell you, they failed, badly. So then they disappeared for about a year or so, I was hoping that I would never hear from them again.

I then noticed that they just released a new album. I thought to myself, “Do I dare listen to this? After what I heard these guys make last year? Do I really want to risk my ears, my innocence, and possibly even my health and well-being by listening to this album?” Well it is obvious that I decided to give the record a spin and…holy shit.

This album has expressed one of the biggest improvements I’ve ever seen in a band! I think that they owe most of this improvement to getting a new drummer and changing the vocal style. In their first album, there was an obvious lack of focus in just about every area; the vocals were the worst pig squeals I’ve ever heard, and the drummer was horrid. The drummer could not keep time AT ALL, he took the buzz off of his snare and it sounds so annoying that I can’t stand to listen to it for very long, and the songs have no structure at all, it’s just random breakdown after random breakdown, with blazing fast parts in-between while failing miserably to keep a consistent tempo.

The first song off of this record is astounding compared to their debut poop. The drums sound great, the vocalist switched to doing exhaled growls that fit the brutality of the music perfectly, and there is an obvious large amount of focus. I believe that the band finally accepted the fact that they sucked and that they needed to turn over a new leaf if they wanted to continue making music. They turned over a new leaf and have put a fresh, unique side up to blow everyone away.

Beyond Cops. Beyond God. has expressed proof that a metal band has the ability to turn themselves around and turn a shitty band into something great. There are a lot of good things about this album, and I will say that the vocalist does let out that awful pig squeal occasionally in the album, but it actually sounds kind of cool! Some of my friends have been turned on to these guys after hearing this album and have wanted to see them in concert. Unfortunately, I saw them at the California Deathfest when they sucked. This album is actually really good, I rated this album 15/20.