Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visceral Disgorge-Ingesting Putridity

Another Amputated Vein band that I’ve recently discovered is Visceral Disgorge. They’re from Baltimore, so they’re closer to me than most of the other Amputated Vein bands. I just got this CD in the mail yesterday, and hopefully it will soon appear in your mailbox too ;). Visceral Disgorge plays pure brutal death with brutal lyrics to go along with it. This band has literally only been around since 2010, I think that’s pretty damn impressive! All except for one of the members were in the band Eaten Alive, so it’s most likely that a lot of the songs on this album are the finalized versions of unreleased Eaten Alive songs that were still in the process of being written. But regardless, this record is astonishing!

The bass in this album is a little lower than what I would prefer (that’s going to cost them one point). The distortion of the guitars is that really crunchy sound that puts a smile on brutal metal fans. They have two guitarists that also do all of the bass tracks, but probably accidentally forgot to turn them up, so I won’t hold that against them. Other than that, the overall production of the album is very high quality considering the obscurity of the band.

Here’s something all of you headbangers will like hearing. Towards the end of pretty much every song, a perfect breakdown gets pulled off. There’s even one in the beginning of “Ball-Gagged and Gutted”. Being a huge fan of the deathcore/metalcore scene, I have come to savor that sudden drop in tempo that some bands pull off, especially when it’s done perfectly. I think that the drummer is to be credited for the breakdowns. Why? Because all of the weight and pressure is on the drummer to keep the tempo tight and on time while going through all of these drastic changes in speed, believe me, it’s a hell of a lot harder than it sounds. One of the better breakdowns is in “Necrocoprophagia”, but the best breakdown on the album is on my favorite track from it, the last one. LOOK UP THE TRACK “SKULLFUCKING NEONATAL NECROSIS” BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!! The end of the song is going to surprise you; it’s not what you think.

Again, inhaled growls. This is kinda starting to get old guys. It seems that just about every underground brutal death band I look up is using inhaled vocals. I’ve only come across about a dozen or so that do exhales, and I’m not the biggest fan of the sound of inhales, I’m more of a fan of deep guttural exhales like in bands like The Faceless, Opeth, and Suffocation (that will cost them another point). That’s really all I have to say about the vocalist other than he has some fucking brutal lyrics that fit the music perfectly, so at least I’ll give him credit for that.

I love the sound of the drums. Just like Disentomb, the drummer took the buzz off the snare, but it doesn’t sound annoying like on the first Waking the Cadaver album. Either that or he only slightly took the buzz off (if that’s even possible…I wouldn’t know, I’m just a bassist haha). But the snare has that short poppy sound that gives the rest of the set a different sound. The drummer is also just freaking awesome at using his huge drum set! I’ve seen it, it’s pretty big. The sound of his set sounds great because there isn’t that annoying tone that goes on after he hits one of the toms. It makes his drumming sound a lot more technical and precise. Also, the kickdrums have just the right amount of treble; they’re not too high pitched, but not too mushy sounding.

Other than the two flaws, this album is pretty damn amazing. Brutal music with brutal lyrics. I’ve noticed that so far they’ve only played shows in the northeastern states, mainly in New Jersey. So I’m really hoping that they hop in the van and take a trip to the west coast so I can get this CD signed! 18/20.