Monday, August 16, 2010

Mnemic-Sons of the System

There can’t possibly be any way that metalcore can get any heavier than this. This band has come a long way. They are one of Metallica’s favorite bands, and they’ve played at the Wacken Open Air festival, where only legends and bands considered landmarks in metal play. The album was recorded in the band’s own studio. Mnemic describes the album to be more theatrical and catchy. This is by far my favorite Mnemic album. Everything from the album cover to the overall sound of the album is awesome. Like I said before, this is the heaviest metalcore band of all time and I love it.

Being one of my favorite metalcore albums, I would like to say first off, that I have been listening to these guys since the release of Audio Injected Soul. But I didn’t really think much of them, or listen to them that much until Sons of the System came out. After I was blown away by Sons of the System, I went back and listened to the other albums I had by them, and wondered “why the hell didn’t this band speak out to me before Sons of the System??” I guess that the new album is the best first impression for people new to the band. The instant I find out that they will be playing in Seattle, I will buy the damn tickets!

Every song on this album is very different from each other. There are songs that are more electronic and theatrical, with more of a melodic sound, and there are songs that are very fast and heavy. It’s very hard to pick my favorites, but there are a handful of songs that stand out to me. The title song is the best first impression for anyone. It has their theatrical, melodic sound mixed with their brutally fast sound; the best first impression for anyone. Mnightmare is probably the heaviest song off the album. The song’s very fast drumming and tempos are really driving and leave my heart racing after every time I listen to the song. Dreamjunkie has more of a theatrical sound with a very catchy beat and vocals. The Erasing has a catchy sound to it with some brutal drumming to mix it up a bit. This is by far my favorite Mnemic album and would recommend it to all metalheads. I’m giving Sons of the System 19/20.