Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

Here are some possible upcoming reviews:

The Contortionist (progressive death)
Goatwhore (thrash black)
Melechesh (thrash black)
Ceremonial Castings (progressive black)
Gromm (black metal)
Upon a Burning Body (deathcore)
Blind Witness (deathcore)
Hour of Penance (technical death)
Behemoth (black death)
Anorexia Nervosa (symphonic black)
Dying Fetus (death grind)
Nailed (technical death)
We Came as Romans (screamo)

The reason why this list is extra long is because I won't be making "upcoming reviews" posts as often anymore. I'm going to be making them like....every two or three weeks, possibly even just monthly. But once I at least knock out all but two of these, I'll post another one.

And I apologize for taking so long on The Contortionist review. It's on their new album (I've already done one on their first album, Exoplanet) and the music is just so fucking complex that it's taking me longer than normal to soak it all in and dissect it and whatnot. So I will try my best to possibly have it up by next weekend!