Monday, April 2, 2012

Cease of Breeding - Sounds of Disembowelment

Cease of Breeding is one of Greece’s most brutal death metal bands. I discovered these guys via Amputated Vein Records (like plenty of other brutal death bands). If you want a recommendation of a new SLAMMING brutal death band that will cause your head to explode, Cease of Breeding would be that recommendation. When I first looked them up, I listened to their debut EP and hated it (it actually is pretty horrid). About a year later, I got my hands on a promo copy of their debut full-length, Sounds of Disembowelment. With eight tracks of slamming brutality, Cease of Breeding win my support despite their crappy EP with this album. Although there are plenty of other underground brutal death bands that are far much better like Ezophagothomia, Visceral Disgorge, Disentomb, Bloodboil, Devourment, Cerebral Bore, and Vomit the Soul, this album has been a relief after sifting through almost 30 shitty brutal death records!

This is one of those albums where a lot of the brutality is caused by the sound of the album, not the actual music behind it. I’m not sure if the band did this on purpose, but they completely distorted their amps when recording this record. And I don’t mean a little distortion here and there on the mic, I mean they went WAY BEYOND distorting EVERYTHING; which actually gives the album an extremely crushing sound. The thing is, it doesn’t sound bad because you can still generally hear everything; so it’s not like it’s so distorted that it sounds shitty. It can get a bit irritating after a while for those of you who are sound quality freaks (like me, although I’m more tolerant than most) because it’s always distorted.

The album starts off with a radio call saying “that’s a direct order, do it now” which is then followed by an ear-shredding explosion of slamming brutality. I knew at that moment that this was going to be one of the most brutal records I’ve heard since Reek of Pubescent Despoilment by Guttural Secrete. The musicians and the majority of what they play is pretty generic as far as fucking slamming brutal death goes. But I mean, I love this kind of music; and I guess since I don’t listen to TONS AND TONS of bands from this smallish genre, I haven’t been worn out of the generic style like I have with deathcore. That’s why I wouldn’t particularly recommend this to anyone who isn’t into SLAMMING brutality like Devourment and early Aborted.

The vocals are your traditional semi-pig squealed inhales. These ones actually sound really good and help match the brutality and darkness of the rest of the band. I do wish that the vocals had more of a diverse range of sound because they pretty much always sound the same for the duration of the album. But the fact that they sound really good makes up for that lack in diversity.

Overall, this album is indescribably brutal and is actually fairly strong despite the small amount of faults it holds. I would give this album 15/20. I would recommend this to people who like the most brutal music out there; not so much to the lighter metalheads. But if you are curious, by all means, give this record a spin because it’s good.