Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interview with The Devil's Blood

On Monday morning, I had the short-lasted pleasure to interview the guitarist for the Dutch Satanic rock n’ roll band The Devil’s Blood. The reason why I say that it was short-lasted was because the asshole ended up hanging up on me in the middle of the interview. Curious as to why? Then read on…Everything in brackets was not something I actually said to him.

The offer to interview them was posted on Spirit of Metal so I thought “why the hell not? I’ve never officially ‘interviewed’ a band before!” Like many interviews that you may read/hear/see have a couple of introductory questions (especially if the band is underground and generally unknown like The Devil’s Blood). I started out by telling him that I was a bit surprised by their sound which was not a heavy rock sound (like I was expecting), but the kind of sound you would normally hear from a 60s or 70s classic rock band! Now I’m a huge fan of music from that era so I asked him if the band has any influences from that time period and he gave me a statement that didn’t really answer the question. He basically said “Well I listen to all kinds of music and yes I do listen to a lot of rock bands from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.” ….um..ok? Well that’s good to hear but you didn’t really answer my question!

I then continued on to the next question noting that I saw some live photos of the band and that they were covered in blood; which isn’t something that is combined with that classic rock sound. And yes, I know that it has been done before with artists like Alice Cooper, The Misfits, etc. And I asked him what the reception from the public has been towards this odd combination of music style and stage appearance. AND HE FREAKING WENT OFF ON ME!! He said “I’m sorry but I don’t think that it’s an odd combination at all and bands have been doing that since the 60s so I believe that the validity of the statement you just said is very wrong and that you need to do more research on music history because there have been bands like Alice Cooper that have been having these Satanic views and imagery with rock n’ roll and that it’s not something that is and should be confined only to the extreme metal genres, so no, it is not an odd combination.” First of all, he again failed to answer my question, his tone of voice was not nice at all, he was very rude, and did I say ANYTHING about the blood and satanic imagery to be only a characteristic of the extreme metal genres?? I then realized I forgot to mention that I did know that there were other classic rock bands that have done that so I said ‘You know what, you’re right about the fact that there have been other artists that have had the dramatic performances like KISS and Alice Cooper, so I temporarily forgot about that, but it’s still not something that is done very often’ and then he mumbled something that I couldn’t understand (he’s from Holland and had a thick accent so I couldn’t really understand some of what he was saying). I started noticing the tension in his voice rising. I then asked him if the blood they used in their performances was just fake stage blood and he said “No no it’s real blood” So then I was about to ask him the next question when he interrupted me and cockily said: “Hey I’m sorry to interrupt you but all of the questions you’ve been asking me can easily be answered by looking us up on Google and I haven’t heard any good questions or questions about our new album and I feel that this interview isn’t going anywhere so you need to ‘do your homework’ and do more research on us and on rock history so that you have more knowledge and then we will have this talk another time, bye.” Then he hung up. Um, excuse me, sorry to break it to you man, but you guys aren’t famous, so you can’t be fucking cocky like that! And what were you expecting, an interviewer from Rolling Stone magazine?? If you don't like the questions I'm asking then why didn't you just send me the questions you wanted me to ask?? (which is fucking lame). Also, he doesn’t seem to get the fact that not everyone is looking his band up on Google, isn’t the purpose of an interview to be a chance for the people who didn’t bother to do deep intense research on the band to learn more about them?? And also, the thing that he DID’NT bother to hear was that all of the remaining questions I had for him were about the new album!! Some of them included: so how did you get a deal with Metal Blade Records? What would you say the differences are between your new record and your 2009 record? And is there anything you would like to say? (Pretty much a free response question). I was about to buy these guys’ CDs and merch! BUT NOT ANYMORE!! I have been telling all my friends and THE THOUSANDS OF YOU THAT VIEW ME EACH MONTH to NOT SUPPORT THIS BAND!! THEY DON’T DESERVE IT!!