Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aborted Fetus - Fatal Dogmatic Damage

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed an underground brutal death album, so I thought I should let you know about a young brutal death band known as Aborted Fetus. This band is one out of many bands I discovered via Brutal Bands’ website along with Element, Arsebreed, Putridity, Lust of Decay, Melting Flesh, Insidious Decrepancy, and tons of other bands with the ability to demolish your eardrums. It seems that most of the Russian bands I hear tend to be on the brutal and gore side of things (i.e. Katalepsy, ). Although from Russia, most of Aborted Fetus’ fans are located in Germany, America, and The Netherlands.

Aborted Fetus is one of those ultra-pure brutal death bands with not too much else added on. I love how so many of these obscure death metal bands have such professional and high-quality recordings! Seriously, all those black metal guys are saying that they “can’t afford” adequate recording equipment (and I know they do that somewhat on purpose) and these death metal bands are coming out with albums that have the production quality of Century Media bands! Aborted Fetus is one of the best examples of that pristine and crisp sound quality that makes audiophiles like me very happy faced.

Their drummer doesn’t stick to blast beats. In fact, he rarely even does them at all. He does keep the fast (but not super-fast) double kick going for the majority of the record to keep the adrenaline of the listener going and to keep the pit moving at their shows. I honestly don’t know if the drummer is off-time or not during some parts because he has times where he starts doing random shit out of nowhere and it doesn’t seem like it fits, but at the same time it’s something that one could consider predictable. But at least the drummer doesn’t seem TOTALLY lost; he’s a good fit for the band and he’s what I would consider an “average, but good for the genre” brutal death drummer.

If you know what your average brutal death/death grind vocalist sounds like, that’s what this guy sounds like. For those of you experienced and knowledgeable brutal death fans that want details on what this guy sounds like; he does inhales like all the others do, his inhales tend to be more of a growl than a pig squeal, but there’s still an obvious amount of pig squeal sound. This is actually my favorite type of inhaled vocals because it isn’t a super annoying pig squeal, but it’s not so deep that it sounds like the vocalist drank too much root beer before entering the studio.

The guitars are very deep and EXTREMELY crunchy (you won’t hear the entire crunch until you listen closely for the first time). I have no idea how the hell these guys managed to get that rough of a sound out of the guitars without completely demolishing the low-end. The best answer I can come up with is that they turned the bass guitar up really loud and they gave it a super smooth and soft sound to even out the crunchiness of the guitars.

There’s only one bad thing about this album and that is that the songs are WAY too similar. For some people, an album like this seems to take FOREVER to get through and amazing albums seem too short. For me, albums like this aren’t as engaging and they don’t hold on to your attention for very long. And since I have ADD, my main attention goes elsewhere and then when I look back at the album to see how much of it has passed by, it’s on the last song and it feels like I just turned it on five minutes ago!

Other than that disappointing factor, this is pretty good for an obscure brutal death album. I would honestly recommend this primarily to those of you that are more experienced in this area of metal, mainly because this isn’t anywhere near what I would want to have as a first impression for someone who isn’t familiar with the really brutal metal. I would give this album 14/20.