Saturday, November 2, 2013


Children of Bodom is a band I have ALWAYS wanted to see. Yes, I've had a lot of chances to see them but I've always been unavailable or I (for some stupid reason) chose not to. But just by seeing one of the few opening acts, there will be nothing that will stop me from going this time. I saw Tyr at this year's Paganfest (headlined by Ensiferum) and just because of that, I'm going. I don't care who else will be there, just with these two bands, I will be at the Seattle date. And I love how it's at one of the venues without the guard rail in front of the stage because the last few times Bodom played Seattle, they played at the Showbox at the Market, which is small(ish), but has a guard rail. SEE YOU GUYS THERE!!!!!!