Monday, March 11, 2013

Upcoming Reviews

Here's a list I hope will last me a while. These are bands that I plan on writing reviews on, but there are NO guarantees that I will do all of them I don't know how many I will do, I don't know if I will even do any of them:

Within the Ruins (metalcore)
All Shall Perish (deathcore)
Wormed (death grind)
Salt the Wound (deathcore)
Blinded in Bliss (melodic death)
Parkway Drive (metalcore)
Altar of Pain (death metal)
Make Them Suffer (deathcore)
Six Feet Under (death metal)
Wide Eyes (progressive metal)
Vale of Pnath (technical death)
1349 (black metal)
Seether (alternative metal)
Otep (nu metal)
Meshuggah (progressive death)
Gorgoroth (black metal)
Benightened (brutal death)
Finntroll (folk metal)
Tyr (folk metal)
Moonsorrow (folk metal)