Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upcoming Reviews

Happy new year. It's 2013, a very appropriate time to make the first upcoming reviews post for the month of January! Here are some bands that I might or might not review:

Strychnia (thrash death)
Trauma (death metal)
Gutted (death grind)
Beherit (black metal)
Cannibal Corpse (death metal)
Foreboding Ether (technical death)
Absvrdist (grindcore)
Firewind (power metal)
Asphyx (death metal)
Murder Construct (death grind)
Pierce the Veil (screamo)
Varg (thrash black)
Arsis (technical death)
Insomnium (melodic death)
As You Drown (deathcore)
Altar of Pain (death metal)
Sabaton (power metal)
Hellraizer (death metal)
Inhume (death grind)