Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anette Olzon

I've never seen metal-related news like this spread so fucking FAST! I didn't hear about The Rev's death until about a day and a half after he died! And that was HUGE!! This is not only a disappointment, it's upsetting and infuriating. Tarja was given the boot because of her ego, what could have possibly been going on this time?? Of course, the band gave the cheap half-assed instant response to the media to keep them out of their hair (for now) by saying it was because of "creative differences".

Ok, first of all, that doesn't happen on tour, bickering over "creative differences" occurs during the writing process of an album and during jam sessions. And I HIGHLY doubt that Nightwish was busy songwriting and jamming on their days off instead of catching up on much-needed sleep and doing other random shit that bands do on tour. I think that it MIGHT have something to do with Anette's child and her wanting to focus on raising her family. But I don't know, she had plenty of time off (which was a good idea) so that she could give birth to the damned thing and recover. But I can't even see THAT as being a reason to just leave/get kicked out of a band in the middle of a tour!

I haven't been this pissed since the night I had to tolerate Dave Mustaine throwing away 1/4 of his band's set so that he could just preach and tell everyone about the bible!

This is an outrage and a major deception for the world's biggest symphonic metal band. Although I strongly oppose Floor Jansen being a possible replacement, I do think that there couldn't have been a better fill-in vocalist. click the picture below to get the full-size, it's pretty big.