Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking a break for finals

Hi guys/girls/whatever you wanna call yourself,

I will be taking a rest from reviewing until I have all of my school shit done. I get out of school June 15th and will actually be seeing Marduk and 1349 that same day!

I'm going to the Occupation Domination tour this Saturday that features Origin/Cattle Decapitation/Decrepit Birth/Aborted/Rings of Saturn/Battlecross

I will also be going to the Six Feet Under/Dying Fetus/Revocation show June 20th.
I just heard that there's this big summer tour that will be coming through my area in the first week of July that has Fear Factory, Cattle Decapitation, Revocation (I think), Havok, and a bunch of other bands (Cattle Decapitation and Havok are enough to make me well as Fear Factory.

If you have extremely limited internet access and/or you don't like to follow the bands you listen to, there are several bands that are either writing or will be soon releasing new albums *s mean I've either pre-ordered it already or I'm REALLY excited:

*Nile (brutal death) new album early July via Nuclear Blast
Metallica (thrash metal) in writing process
*Kreator (thrash metal) new album in early June via Nuclear Blast
Bonded by Blood (thrash metal) new album in July via Earache
*Ex Deo (melodic death) new album in late August...and I'm not sure what label because the Spirit of Metal page says Nuclear Blast but the official NB website has Ex Deo under the "former bands" list
*Dying Fetus (death grind) new album in mid June via Relapse (and it is AMAZING!!)
Sonata Arctica (power metal) new album in a week or so via Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Assault (thrash metal) new album in early June via High Rollers
*The Agonist (melodic death) new album in June via Century Media
*Miss May I (metalcore) new album in June via Rise
*Whitechapel (deathcore) new album in June via Metal Blade
Ihsahn (progressive black) new album late June via Mnemosyne
Chelsea Grin (deathcore) new EP late June via Artery
*Mnemic (metalcore) new album in June via Nuclear Blast
*Deathspell Omega (progressive black) new EP in June via Season of Mist
*Gojira (thrash death) new album late June via Roadrunner
*The Word Alive (screamo) new album in July via Fearless
Disentomb (brutal death) new album in the works to be released 2013 (I'm really looking forward to that!!)
Slayer (thrash metal) has been working on new materal...should have an EP out soon and possibly a new album sometime next year
Devin Townsend (pretty much everything) three new albums should be out by the end of this year
*Suffocation (brutal death) have a new album in the works