Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eviscerated - Eviscerated

Eviscerated was a deathcore band that had a lot more death than core in their music. For those of you that are curious as to others that are like this, other similar artists include some Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Ingested, The Red Chord, and SWWAATS. Here’s the thing about Eviscerated that sets them apart from these other bands: the amount of brutality and violence their music holds. I discovered Eviscerated via Amputated Vein Records, where this album was released four years ago. Here’s a piece of trivia I bet might surprise some of you: one of their guitarists is currently in the new big hit, Fallujah. Now here’s something that caused me to judge this band, when I saw the cover, I thought “brutal death”, I never would have guessed that I would get pure deathcore! But here’s the thing about Eviscerated-style deathcore, the breakdowns aren’t as extreme and pronounced as other bands like to do (Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Oceano, etc.)

The vocals primarily consist of high-pitched screams that remind me of Suicide Silence’s earlier years when Mitch still had his top-notch screams. The growls aren’t quite deep enough for me, but they’re used sparingly, so they don’t interfere with my enjoyment of the music. Although I don’t normally pay attention at all to the lyrics, I can’t help but mention that Eviscerated is one of the (if not THE SINGLE) most sick and twisted deathcore bands I’ve ever heard. But lyrical content and the arousing album cover aside; the music inside the cheap plastic case is what matters most.

The overall structure of the music is very well put together considering that this was just a bunch of college-aged kids trying to create metalcore-influenced slamming brutality. The music isn’t confusing or overwhelming, but it still holds pleasant surprises to show you that it’s far from predictable. The musicianship and instrumental skill of the members is surprisingly impressive. Although the songs aren’t totally different from each other, they still are unique enough to keep someone from saying “they all sound the same”.

Here’s my ABSOLUTE favorite thing about this record, the drums. First of all, the drummer is amazing and couldn’t possibly get any better because he already makes the music seem flawless (mainly his drumming). Not only that, the way his drums sound are like nothing I’ve ever heard before in my life. I like to have a really fat and thick DEEP sound on drums instead of a weak high-pitched sound. The Eviscerated drummer as a really fat and thick high-pitched sound with a lot of mid-range mashed in. The snare is probably what I like the best; it’s hard to make the snare sound REALLY cool, and the producer fucking NAILED it. Just listen to my favorite song off the album, Rectal Trauma to hear the snare by itself. His drums have no reverb and echo at all, so it makes him sound technical and complex (especially with the crazy shit he pulls off on the toms and snare). He doesn’t drown out the rest of the band; instead, he surrounds the rest of the band and becomes the motor of the music. This is an amazing deathcore album that can be summed up as being a package of metalcore-influenced slamming brutality. I would give this record 18/20.