Saturday, February 4, 2012

Forthangel - In the End EP

Why does the alternative metal genre suck now!??? I mean seriously, this is the kind of music that I listen to and it brings back old memories of being harassed in middle school and going home and playing a Breaking Benjamin album and using that music to release my anger and frustration. So when I listen to that kind of music, I want it to be good, but almost all of the new alternative metal/nu metal bands I’ve been discovering recently (primarily on SUCK! THEY SUCK ROTTEN MOLDY PURPLE BANANAS!! And there is a large amount of people out there over the age of 19 that love this! There’s this one reviewer on that website that either has no idea what he’s listening to or that he just hasn’t heard anything better (which is understandable, but still, this guy is a full-grown adult and THIS is what he listens to in his free time??). Forthangel is one of the most disasterous trainwrecks I’ve heard out of the handful of new alternative metal bands I’ve looked up which include Black Water Rising, Like a Storm (more hard rock than metal), End of Story (which is what I want to happen to them as soon as fucking possible), Conflict of Interest, and Inside it Failed (which is exactly what happened to them).

The production quality of this album is HORRIBLE! I mean, in black metal, crappy sound quality is done purposely. But I mean, I can make a recording MYSELF in a garage and produce/mix it MYSELF and make it sound better than this!! Obviously these guys were WAY too deaf to notice that the vocalist was majorly distortion the mic and that the drums and vocals were overpowering and drowning out everything else to the point where you can’t hear the rest of the band at times! But that’s not the only mistake they made.

This kind of music is supposed to sound extremely powerful and emotional (i.e. Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Flyleaf, Skillet, and just about every other nu metal and alternative metal band you can find on my favorite bands list on Spirit of Metal). Part of what makes metal sound powerful is loud guitars with a really crunchy distortion and deep meaty bass to give the guitars some cushion. This EP FAILES AT THIS HORRIBLY!!! The guitars are barely even distorted and are extremely quiet (probably because the guitarists suck), which completely ruins everything. I can’t believe I’m the first person on the internet to point this out, because it’s literally the biggest fault this album holds.

The vocalist is terrible. Yes, he can sing in-tune and yes, he’s on-time with the rest of the band, but his singing lacks THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT A GOOD SINGER NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO DO!! The thing that his singing doesn’t have is EMOTION. He seriously sounds like he is drunk on his ass and is slurring all his words. His singing sounds dry, boring, dull, colorless, emotionless, and sounds like he has that “This is so boring! I wanna go home and eat chips and watch The Simpsons” kind of attitude.

There is the intro of ONE song that sounds really cool, but other than that, this record isn’t worth your time unless you’re REALLY curious (which isn’t bad at all). I would NOT recommend this to anyone who likes progressive and good music. I would recommend this to anyone who I would want to play a prank on, saying “this band is amazing!!” I would give this album 4/20.