Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ezophagothomia-Instinct of Inhuman Devourment

Ezophagothomia means…….I don’t know…I’ve looked far and wide and haven’t found it. It’s probably just a made up word that sounds like something you’d find on a Suffocation album. This is though definitely one of the best brutal death pieces I’ve heard since the release of Ingesting Putridity by Visceral Disgorge. For those of you that haven’t noticed already, I’ve been doing a review series where I’ve been reviewing albums that are part of the recent wave of brutal death metal with bands such as Disentomb, Vomit the Soul, Devourment, Bloodboil, Pathology, and Putrid Pile. So far, this has been one of the much better albums.

These guys come from the European country of Ukraine, which has produced some excellent bands such as Moloch, Drudkh, and Fleshgore. Ezophagothomia was around for a few months about two or so years ago. They got back together in late 2009 and went through lots of frequent lineup changes. As obscure of a band as they may appear to be, they have played at numerous festivals around the world and have even gone on some tours as one of the opening bands. So they haven’t been doing all that bad for a young brutal death band.

I think that I should let you know that I’m a huge fan of Mortal Decay. I love them, saw them live in California and was blown away by the band and the crowd’s obvious support. And those of you that have already checked this album out already know why I’m mentioning this. They have done a fantastic cover of a song off of Mortal Decay’s debut full-length. The band also lists Mortal Decay as their biggest and most prominent influence, which isn’t something I’ve ever heard before.

The intro makes it sound like you’re listening to an album by The Faceless, but that all goes away when it gets into the second song. The vocalist made me laugh. Why you ask? Because he sounds like he drank too much Coca-Cola before the recording! My favorite kinds of growls are super deep exhaled gutturals, which is far from what this is. Now I’m not saying that his vocals are absolutely distasteful, I’m saying that I would put Demon Carcass in this band instead of this guy if I could.

The overall production of the album is really good considering how underground these guys are. The musicianship is good, but they could use to be tighter though because the timing is sloppy in some parts. I think that with a little more practice, and some improvements on the part of the musicians would really make this band’s potential soar. So my overall opinion is that this album is great, but there is room for improvement that can be easily reached within a year or two. This gets 16/20.